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script lit
n. The new genre of fiction featuring eBook novellas adapted from Hollywood's best unproduced screenplays.

The New Literary Genre for Savvy Readers

Book cover for Mom of the Year

Mom of the Year

by Denise Pischinger

Janie Parker, a thirty-something mother and wife finds herself in a fight with the school district’s pompous, reigning Class Mom for the coveted title, “Mom of the Year.”

But when her desire to become the best of the best in the world of school volunteerism alienates her daughter and husband, Janie must change her ways to win back what's most important in her life.

Book cover for Ambrose Fountain

Ambrose Fountain

by Brian Sieve

After relocating his family from Los Angeles to a remote, Napa Valley wine vineyard, Carter Harding becomes convinced that a timeworn fountain on his property is capable of granting his wishes.

When Carter’s obsession with the fountain begins to take a toll on his relationship with his family, he quickly realizes that the mysterious force capable of giving him everything he wants is capable of destroying everything he has in return.

In Development

The Enders

by Rich Farrell

Chaos erupts around the world after Angels give humankind 24 hours to reflect on their lives before earth’s destruction.

The last person to prepare for God’s wrath was Noah and his family. But this time there will be no survivors to repopulate the planet. Five strangers in different parts of the world react to the untimely news that the world is really going to end.

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We believe in writers and the powerful stories they create.

There are many wonderful scripts written that are never produced and therefore aren't shown to the world.

This process of adapting those ‘lost gems’ into eBook novellas gives the writer a chance to be heard and loved by a wide audience.

We are SL eBooks and are proud to present Script Lit, the new literary genre.

Production Team


  • James West


  • Sarah Schaier


  • Rich Farrell
  • Susan Levi Wallach

Cover Designers

  • Maurice Odede
  • Greg Semkow


  • Elizabeth Stuart


  • Polgarus Studio
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